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Tabor Running Club


    Amy Lennon, DC and Matt Walsh, PT
    ph: 503.313.4699

All levels are welcome: Pre-track base, 5K, 10K, half marathon, full marathon and injury prevention training.
If you thought you couldn’t run, see what the experts have to say …

Our Focus

Running Schedule

Training Details

Payment Options


We will work together to meet you at your current level, to build healthy training habits, and to correct current imbalances. This includes a work-up that addresses the following:

  1. Setting Goals: we will create an individualized plan to set a timeline for your progress.
  2. Running Status: we will both test your current status and discuss your running history.
  3. Addressing Weak Areas: our staff is trained to assess areas of injury, whether acute or chronic.

After you sign up, we will email you a form which will give us a strong basis for personalizing your training plan.


Schedule: 6am -7:15am weekly.

We can promise you’ll be back in your car by 7:15, sweaty and strong.

The 60-70 minute session includes:
5-6 min Warm up: light jog loop, catching stragglers who arrive 5 min late.
5-6 min Dynamic warm-up and “your spot(s)” static stretch
10 min plyo
30 min Focused run, lead with technique and slow pace
10 min Either strength or speed (2 groups)
5 min Core strength
5-6 min Stretch/cool down


Sessions will vary between either short focused runs or longer training runs.
Focused run, 20+ mins:
1) hill repeats
2) stairs
3) track wo every other.

Longer run, 30-45 mins:
1) with tempo
2) long run with technique
3) long run with given pace (6 min mile, 8 min mile, 9 min mile, etc)
4) chi-running principles for those interested


$100 for 10 class package. Payment due at sign-up.

$15 class drop-in fee.  For your convenience we offer on-site credit card payment, with the option of emailing a receipt.

Insurance billing: this is a possible option to be reviewed individually, off-site with 2 days notice.

250$ Gait Evaluation: This is an add-on option for a separate time and location, to be arranged in person.