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Incorporate an injury prevention program into your training camps.  With SPIT, it’s easy to do and benefits not only athletes but also coaches and parents,  and it helps to build community.

Are your kids getting the information and training they deserve? We have individual screenings and/or trainings based on YOUR needs.

As the director or head of the a sports club, you are a critical player in making the basic changes to your coaches trainings that will help to decrease injury. Training your leaders and educating players and parents will have a huge impact on the athletic health of the players that have been entrusted to you. Not to mention how strong & flexible they’ll be be!

Why should you add an injury prevention program to your camp? Because it’s the right thing to do and we make it easy!  And because parents are beginning to insist upon it. This is state of the art, science based, performance enhancing injury prevention at its best. We employ creative workouts that hit all of the soft spots! Your athlete(s) will definitely  know where their weaknesses are. Time flies during these trainings, as we hit all of the angles and show you creative and simple ways to develop your kids. All individual trainings begin with a STATUS TEST of where you are on DAY ONE. This allows you to see improvement for yourself because the numbers tell everything: for example, watch your vertical jump gain inches. We also check flexibility, strength, speed, balance, etc. We try to make it fun and we always look at the athletes’ personal goals. We build from a solid base to protect from injury. Later we add strength and then power. All the while changing up your homework, playing your sport and tweaking your goals, as you develop and change.

We do all of the work to get you current and protected. We are passionate. We have  created a pool of community professionals that are S.P.I.T. trained, so we can match the trained volunteer professional with a team in need. Our trainers devote time to helping players gain the skills needed to protect them from injury. If you are a coach or club needing help, just say the word: no matter where you live, we will look for a volunteer for your community. If you are a professional looking to help and want to get S.P.I.T. trained just give us a holler! We work hard to get the information to everyone- not just the privileged. S.P.I.T. trained teams get the information that puts them at the forefront of their profession. We strive for interesting, challenging and scientifically appropriate sport specific exercises for your athletes. We expect improvement in: quickness, burst, agility, flexibility, proprioception & core strength.

Option A : PERSONAL SCREENING. Hire  SPIT to assess the athlete for bio-mechanical and functional asymmetries, flaws, or weaknesses.  Research shows that these specific tendencies lead to injuries.  Currently screening and assessing the athlete is the best tool for predicting injury. Follow up training decided on individual basis.

Option B: TEAM SCREENING. Call or email us and we will connect you with a health-care provider trained in screening the athlete for injury risk. Follow up training decided on team basis.

The perfect melding of injury prevention, performance enhancement, and your club’s signature look! At Sports Prodigy we understand how difficult it is to cut into your already tight schedule. We understand that your coaches have gifts and have gained coaching experience that contributes to what makes them both good at what they do and  motivated to do it. This is why it’s important that you have S.P.I.T. to help them ADD the protective moves and exercises into what they are already doing.

Contact us to learn more details about how we can hand you the reins and take your club to a new level.

“If you have a daughter who is playing basketball, soccer or other field or court sports, then it is crazy if her team isn’t undertaking one of the evidenced based warm-ups targeting lower limb injury prevention.” British Journal of Sports Medicine, October 2008.

Presently,your young female athletes will have up to 9 TIMES the likelihood of injuring her knee (ACL) ending in a knee surgery before she is 20. If so, she is likely to develop arthritis within 12 years-post injury and they’ll have up to a 50% chance of needing a full knee replacement by age 50.